About AllVets


AllVets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Veteran advocacy organization founded and administered by Veterans for Veterans


We have seen so many Veterans fighting here at home for things as simple as food and shelter that we've decided it was time to intervene with the system. We are Veterans, we have had to fight quite a lot of these battles ourselves and completely understand the frustrations associated with them. AllVets came together to lessen that load, to wade through the muck along side you to find a satisfactory result for you.


We work with other local and national organizations to utilize as much man-power as we can muster to resolve things in your favor. We want nothing more than to make sure you're doing well, will remain doing well and that all your needs are met as a person, not a number. We've taken a holistic approach to Veteran needs, we're aiming to be a one-stop-shop for assistance.











Our Mission



AllVets is a Veteran owned and operated advocacy organization devoted to supplying assistance and support to our Veterans and their families. We strive to provide excellent and attentive services to our Veterans to help prevent homelessness and to advocate with other support services.



We are passionate about our mission. We swore an oath to support and defend, and now bear true faith and commitment to our brothers and sisters in arms. We understand that other organizations can feel like the equivalent of searching for grid squares. At AllVets, we plan to make this as simple as possible. You are our mission.