Fight With Us!


At AllVets, we are 100% donation based 501(c)3 organization. All donations go directly to support programs which allow us to go out into the community and help our Veterans.


These programs include:


Food Assistance

Shelter Assistance

Veteran Education and Training Assistance

Veteran Employment

Healthcare Assistance




By donating, you are giving us the tools we need to make a difference. You can donate by clicking here or clicking the button below. The donation amount is completely up to you. There are no predetermined donation amounts to choose as we feel that may feel restricting, in either direction, to our supporters. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and charity that help to drive this train forward!

Want to get involved in your community? Ask us about volunteer opportunities, we'd love to have your assistance!

Reach out to us and we'll go over ways you can help!

Do you do ANY shopping online?

There is good in giving!  

In these economic times there is a need for new ideas in an effort to continue to provide our many services to our Veterans.

What a difference it will make for us to have a steady flow of donations all year long, giving us the revenue for added programs. Shopping online and just purchasing what you already planned to, but by going through our branded fundraising website, you will not only be donating to ALLVETS, but you will be saving money as well as earning cashback rewards for yourself...for simply shopping for your products and services that you already buy or had planned to purchase.

It's simple! Just join us at and search for the things you had already planned to buy! There are no fees, no hidden costs and you don't pay any more for your items to allow for donations!

You are also still buying from the same retailer you wanted, as is partnered with business like Home Depot, Sears, American Eagle, Neiman Marcus, Michael Kors and 100's more.

Taking advantage of this is a great way to save while shopping and to do a little good in the process.

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