550 Cord Bracelet

550 Cord Bracelet

This Paracord Bracelet, also known as a 550 Cord or survival bracelet, can be taken apart so you can use the cord in an emergency.

These bracelets are made with 7 strand 550 Paracord.

These are a little bigger than most of the bracelets I've seen and use more cord. Finished band is roughly 7/8" wide and most bracelets contain 8-11 feet of cord that can support 550lbs. We use a curved side release buckle for comfort. Both the cord and clasps are water/shower safe.

This bracelet is made with non gutted paracord, the number of which depending on the colors you choose and can be one or multiple colors.

Each order will receive a Veteran-handcrafted bracelet, made in the size you need.