Thin Black Line™ series 550 Cord Bracelet with Tag
  • Thin Black Line™ series 550 Cord Bracelet with Tag

    Our original Thin Black Line™ series 550 cord bracelet is designed on a camouflage background to represent the uniforms we wore. This Thin Black Line™ signifies Veteran support, awareness and the thin black line we signed to defend this country.

    This Paracord Bracelet, also known as a 550 Cord or survival bracelet, can be taken apart so you can use the cord in an emergency.

    These bracelets are made with 7 strand 550 Paracord.

    These are a little bigger than most of the bracelets you see. Finished band is roughly 7/8" wide and most bracelets contain 8-11 feet of cord that can support 550lbs. We use a curved side release buckle for comfort. A custom tag is added which can represent a loved one, a fallen comrade or a medical tag.

    This bracelet is made with 1 piece of non gutted paracord and 1 small pieces of gutted cord.

    Each order will receive a Veteran-handcrafted bracelet and tag, made in the size you request.