Thin Black Line™ series 550 cord Key FOB

Thin Black Line™ series 550 cord Key FOB

Our original Thin Black Line™ series 550 cord Key FOB is designed on a camouflage background to represent the uniforms we wore. This Thin Black Line™ signifies Veteran support, awareness and the thin black line we signed to defend this country.

This Paracord Key FOB, also known as a 550 Cord or survival Key FOB, can be taken apart so you can use the cord in an emergency.

The FOBs are made with 7 strand 550 Paracord that measure 4-5 feet long and include a carabiner with ring.

This FOB is made with 1 piece of non gutted paracord and 1 small pieces of gutted cord.

Each order will receive a Veteran-handcrafted Key FOB.

  • Disclosure

    Carabiner not for climbing purposes. Do not attempt to climb, hang from or suspend yourself, others or heavy objects with this product. The 550 cord can take it...not so much the carabiner.


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