Veteran Advocacy.


Whether it's a few questions or the vast array of forms and paperwork needed for applications, we've got you. We can sit down, go over your paperwork, either for us or another organizations, and help you hammer out all the details.

Homeless Assistance.


Assistance given to relocate a veteran as well as assisting with getting them set up with possible unused education benefits or disability claims to help sustain the Veteran in their new home. We can even reach out to other organizations to acquire furniture and necessities needed.

At-Risk Assistance.


Staring down eviction, lost your job and need help with the rent or mortgage until you're on your feet again? At-risk Veterans are just that, at risk of becoming homeless due to their current temporary situation. We understand all too well that life happens and we'll do whatever we can to assist in keeping you in your home.

The Facts



According to "The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress" , in January 2013 on any given night there were 57,849 homeless veterans in the United States. 60% of that population were located in "sheltered locations" which consist of emergency housing, transitional housing and shelters. The other 40% were located in "unsheltered housing" which are the men and women we are more apt to seeing on the streets sleeping on a bench or a stoop to keep out of the wind.


When you really sit down and think about these men and women who have served our country, they signed their X on the dotted line for the people around them, have been abandoned by just that. Veterans are 2-3x more likely to become homeless if they are poor, in a lot of those cases it's due to their physical inability to maintain gainful employment because of physical limitations. WOMEN (which you rarely hear about) are at an even HIGHER risk if in poverty.


We are here to raise awareness of the little known issues surrounding homelessness with Veterans and to do everything in our power to correct it. We will work with Veterans, their families and other supportive organizations to meet the needs of the Veteran as a whole.



What we plan to do about it...


At AllVets, we strive to make our veterans feel like a whole person rather than a number. We understand that you're a father, mother, husband, wife, son or daughter. More importantly, we understand you're our brothers and sisters in arms and your needs may not just be for assistance with housing.


We, using our network of organizations with multiple missions, will try our hardest to assist you with whatever it is you need help with. Even if it isn't an issue of facing homelessness, we may know exactly who to call to help in your unique situation. We not only serve as a potential for housing assistance but also as an advocate for our fellow Veterans. 


Need help filling out paperwork for another organization? No problem.


Want to just drop in and talk, maybe ask some questions? You got it.


All services rendered are completely free to our Veterans and we will take the time to try and answer any questions you may have regarding the process you're in.